With the intention to celebrate community and creativity, The String Theory gathered 70+ diverse musicians from Europe and the US in an airplane hangar in L.A. and wrote and recorded 14 songs in 4 days. The Los Angeles Suite is an unorthodox experiment of bridging the gap between origin, culture, opposing scenes and styles through the means of orchestral music.

The String Theory is an artist collective, experimental and collaborative in nature. Due to the indie nature of the project none of the musicians, arrangers or producers were directly paid to participate – instead everyone was rewarded with a share of album residuals. A tight (seemingly impossible) schedule raised the intensity of sometimes 45 humans in sync, often characterized by trance-like euphoria and an overall transcendental experience.

Lots of established LA musicians followed the call and became part of the project, such as: Amy Keys (Singer with Phil Collins/ Ringo Starr), Shana Halligan (Aka Bitter:Sweet), Jens Kuross (Drummer with Ry X/ The Acid), German electronic composer Robot Koch, musician + visual artist vōx, singer-songwriter SORNE, Ro Rowan (Cellist with Lorde, Hans Zimmer, Kanye West), Chihsuan Yang (violinist with Yo-Yo Ma, David Foster), Andreas Geck (Bassist of Kelly Clarkson/ Christina Aguilera), Joel Shearer (Guitarist of Angus & Julia Stone/ Alanis Morissette), Hip-Hop artist Zaire Black, Venice Beach musician and busker Harry Perry.

Singer Addie Hamilton only wanted to join the session for 2 hours: she ended up singing the single “Hollywood Calling” and stayed for four days to be the driving force behind the backing vocals.

The songs on The Los Angeles Suite explore the outskirts of electronic and classical music and pop, transcend the boundaries of genre and tell the colorful, gritty story of the city of Los Angeles and her people – a larger than life album that displays the immensity of the L.A. music scene and paints a picture of the diverse cultures that coexist in the city.  

In 2020 The String Theory was nominated for Best Spoken World Album.

The Los Angeles Suite was released September 4th, 2020 on Project C – a division of Clouds Hill.